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TooToo Organic Farm Prepaid&Gift Card

  • For providing a better shopping experience & saving your time;
  • For your friends, or company welfare;
gift card

How to buy the card?

  • Ask us by E-mail: ask@tootoo.cn
  • Call us: 010-6589 9833 ;
  • Ask us by remark in your order


  • Register or Log in on en.tootoo.cn
  • Click "Recharge" on the up right of the website, and enter the "Card No." and "Password" to recharge your TooToo Account.
  • The Prepaid&Gift Card can only be recharged and used by its activation account.
  • When there is a refund, the amount will be paid back to the account which made the Prepaid&Gift Card payment and with the original validity.
  • The Prepaid&Gift Card can be used at different times within the validity. No extension after expired.
  • The Prepaid&Gift Card is unregistered, not for loss reported, no cash exchangeable or return.
  • TooToo Organic Farm reserves the right of final explanation.
  • Any questions, please e-mail to ask@tootoo.cn or call 010-65899833
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